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Private lessons:

£22 per half-hour (£11 for students in full time education)

I teach regularly in London, Glasgow and via skype.

Generally lessons are on an ad-hoc basis due to my performing schedule but if you’d like to be contacted in the event of a teaching day, please fill in this form:

Want to hear about teaching days?


Tomas Palmer

I am interested in beginner lessons, but I live in Texas USA so it will have to be via Skype. Is the time difference an issue?

Hello Tomas,
Apologies for taking so long to respond to you.
The time difference shouldn’t be a problem – if you’re still interested do send me an email via my contact page.
All the best,

Jesmond Galea

Hi Alex,
I am a professional guitar player but I have never played the lute. I am very much interested to take online lessons, via Skype or messenger, but I need to buy the instrument first. Can you please guide me as to which lute is most suitable for me? I like listening to John Download.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Thanks and Regards

Hi Jezz,

A Renaissance lute (7 or 8 course) is the best instrument to get started on Dowland. My Renaissance lutes were made by Luke Emmet at Orlando Lutes: http://www.orlando-lutes.com/


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